Shaun Bailey accused of ‘Ancient’ Perspectives on Deficiency of female MPs

Labour has accused the candidate of London mayor of carrying”ancient” viewpoints after he once indicated in an interview that why there were few women in parliament was that girls didn’t need to enter politics.

Shaun Bailey, that will challenge the incumbent, Sadiq Khan, in May’s election, also promised that girls didn’t stand as potential MPs since they had been”too smart” to put in a profession that was”demanding in all of the wrong ways”.

The remarks, made through a Woman’s Hour meeting in 2008, were contained in a dossier of remarks from Bailey about girls published by Labour about International Women’s Day.

Bailey’s staff have resisted the claim, stating Labour is”once more hoping to spin quotations from context”.

He explained: “Many girls are too smart to enter politics. That is the actual thing”

After being contested by the presenter, Jane Garvey, for holding views which were a”cop-out”, and following a caller to the show said his views had been”slightly patronising”,” Bailey stated several women decided to not take the step by councillor to potential MP.

“Frequently they then pick am not likely to turn into an MP since this was demanding in all of the wrong ways, and when I will proceed and earn a career, I would rather not, you will find different ways to enjoy myself in this planet.’ In the conclusion of the afternoon, we are making the assumption that there are thousands and thousands of girls which are attempting to become MPs — I am not sure that is accurate.”

Women now constitute a third of MPs. In the time of this interview, it turned into a fifth.

Labour explained Bailey’s perspectives as”ancient” and criticised his album on women and young women. In a 2005 pamphlet concerning the cities entitled No Man’s Land,” Bailey wrote that handsome women” tend to happen to be around”.

“The boys have this view that when a woman looks clean, which normally means she is good looking, she appeals to them, it is less likely she will have an [sexually transmitted] disease. If a woman appeals to that way, she will attract every one of them. She will have a tendency to happen to be about,” he wrote.

Challenged over those remarks in an interview with Sky in 2019, he stated it was an effort to challenge truths in a poor neighbourhood where young guys reside in a sexualised atmosphere.

Bailey, 49, has also commended the subject of educators when he had been at college since they”were guys, then”. He told the Guardian it had been a turn of phrase and he wanted teachers to come back to being simpler.

In 2010, he proposed in an article for the Sun that teenaged mothers pushed individuals who”do the perfect thing” down the housing ladder, and in 2008, he advised the Guardian which”kids are using abortion as a contraceptive”, and he also encouraged reducing the top diplomatic limit to 22 weeks.

Marsha de Cordova, the shadow girls and equalities secretary stated: “One of the reasons there are not enough women in politics is due to guys like Shaun Bailey. There should not be a place in 21st-century politics for guys who peddle primitive stereotypes about girls just not needing positions of power”

Bailey, a former youth worker from a teenaged household who’s among the Tory party’s major black characters, was chosen three years back to shoot on Khan. He’s fought to create substantial indents to his competitor’s support, but a few in Labour fear the coronavirus pandemic will decrease turnout and narrow down the polls.

A spokesperson for Bailey stated: “Once again, Labour is hoping to spin quotations from context.

If Labour believes pointing out that is sexism, then they will need to rethink the values that they claim to stand for.”