Madonna Madame X tour: Star cancels first London show

Madonna has said she’s “profoundly sorry” for devoting the very first London show of her Madame X globe tour.

The star was due to start a series of 15 dates at the London Palladium.

In a statement, the singer said she’d been”plagued” by accidents since the start of the excursion and had been advised by doctors to”break for a couple of days”.

She added that concessions would be awarded to people who’d purchased tickets for the performance of Monday.

The Wednesday series of madonna will take place.

“I’m profoundly sorry I must cancel my concert scheduled for Monday 27 January at London,” she explained.

“Under physicians’ advice, I have been advised to rest for a couple of days.

“As you know I’ve accidents that have plagued me since the start of the excursion but that I have to always hear my body and put my health.

“The final thing I would like to do is forgive my lover’s compromise the integrity of my own show. I will continue until I cannot.”

It comes following Madonna continued dates in Lisbon, Portugal a week because of injury.

She hasn’t revealed the character of the accident but told an audience at San Francisco she had been suffering from a”torn ligament” and”a terrible knee” in November.

In a video posted on media, she had been shown while searching for a previous series in Lisbon, wearing knee supports.

“The way a wounded Madame X wakes up for a series,” she wrote in the caption.

Following the cancellation was verified, fans spoke of the disappointment on media.

“I am so gutted and angry,” one wrote. “We’ve got a train and lodging booked!”

Total price tickets for dates in the London Palladium month were available for sale.

Madonna tours include Rebel Heart involving 2015 and 2016, the Re-Invention of 2004, along with her 1990 Blonde Ambition series.